a permaculture designed ecovillage, built for lifestyle and community…

Atamai Village

Living well, sustainably, together

Remember when you used to ride your bike down the road, pick fruit off trees, borrow sugar from your neighbour? Atamai Village, with that good, old fashioned neighbourhood feel, offers the perfect setting for raising children, retirement or anything in between.

Brand new sunny, warm Eco-Home for sale

A just completed, well-designed and comfortable, warm eco-home on a large north facing section. Heating: Passive Solar design full north facing with sunlight from early in the morning; insulated concrete slab (thermal mass) with polished concrete floors; Metro Tiny Rad wood fire with adobe brick enclosure for thermal mass; 50x150 walls with wool insulation; double glazed aluminum windows.

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Nestled in a scenic river valley, Motueka is the gateway to New Zealand's largest national park, snow capped mountains, and beautiful beaches.

Working in the software industry lets me live anywhere with a fast internet connection. Since moving into our place at Atamai, I have a lot more time to spend outdoors with my family.

Craig, computer programmer

We moved to Atamai about four years ago and love the community here. We enjoy the challenge of developing and maintaining our garden and really appreciate the rich knowledge-base provided by living in a like-minded community.

Katie & Hemon, music teacher & engineer

The village kids are safe and happy roaming its large area, playing with other kids and visiting favourite adults. They learn a lot watching adults making and doing things; people are always ready to show them how. The village is a great place to raise kids.

Joanna, grandmother